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We, the family members of the Islamic Republic of Iran's victims since 1979, try to present the evidence of the crimes committed by the Regime in a fair and impartial court and bring the criminals to justice.

We believe that our voice and all the mourners of this land will be heard.

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It is a period of hardship for our fellow Iranians and us. We, the family members of the victims of the Islamic Regime of Iran since 1979, have pleaded for justice and have not achieved it yet. At such a time, when the Iranians are demanding their lost rights and justice for the murder of their loved ones, we, shoulder to shoulder with the people of this looted land, seek justice for our murdered family members. We try to narrate all the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in a fair and impartial court and bring the criminals to justice. We must put an end to this cycle of impunity! It is clear that as long as the murderous regime of the Islamic Republic exists, justice is not possible for other plaintiff families and us. We know very well that our beloved ones will never return, but the longer mullahs’ brutal regime remains, the more Iranians will be murdered for freedom and patriotism. We know that Iran, not as a mere geographical location but as a body of a large human population, will not be freed as long as a fair and just court, by the people’s demands, is not established. While trying to overthrow the current criminal regime, we also want to establish a court for fair trials to pursue the rights of our loved ones and achieve justice for our unforgivable loss. We believe that our chosen path will keep the pure memory and blood of our loved ones alive in history, and it will promise the dawn of justice and an end to the vicious cycle of impunity and bloodshed. We, the plaintiff families, whose loved ones were murdered by the Islamic regime for the crime of dissent in the past 43 years, demand the establishment of a judicial system independent of the political system (after the overthrow of the regime) inside the country, to conduct litigation in our land following all legal and judicial principles of international courts. We want what our knowledgeable compatriots demanded during The Persian Constitutional Revolution decades ago; the establishment of a judiciary as an utterly independent organ irrespective of the future political system. Our goal is not about establishing a government and achieving political power; as citizens, we pursue establishing a democratic judicial system independent of the executive and judicial branches. In fact, as plaintiff families, we want to raise our voices and ask for establishing an independent prosecution and judicial institution for Iran. We know that if we reach this goal, we will have taken the most significant step in defending the rights and human dignity of Iranians in the entire political history of our country. We believe that the cries of us and all the mourners of this land will be heard. We are hoping for the victory of the Iranian revolution and the implementation of justice in our land.