Farah Madain, I am the petitioner of my compatriots, whose blood has been shed unjustly for 44 years. My three brothers and sisters were shot by the Islamic Republic in the sixties.

Luqman Madain was born in 1334. On the 31st of Shahrivar, Luqman was arrested along with Hassan Jalali and Mahmoud Babaei in Khayaban, and on the 7th of Mehr, just 6 days after his arrest, they were all shot with bullets. He buried their government in the East.

My second brother Dawood Madain was born in 1332. Dawood was arrested in August 1360 and shot in Aban 1361. After a year, they informed the family that Dawood was executed and he is resting in Plot 94, Row 14, Mazar 7, next to his friends Fereydoun Azami and Hossein Zakiri.

My third brother Mobasher Madain was born in Mehr 1341. Mobasher was arrested in December 1362 and was shot on 28 September 1364. On Thursday, they visited my mother and father in person and Mubasher hugs my father and says: They will shoot us tonight, don’t tell mom anything. Go tomorrow, Besht Zahra. On Friday we go to Behesht Zahra. Daftar Behesht Zahra says: They are burying a number of those who were shot in the presence of the Ministry of Information. We are not allowed to give information until they give us permission. Finally, when the information allowed, we went to Mobasher’s grave, the ground was warm! Mubasher along with his friends named Ahmad Reza Shuai Naini, Gholamreza Amshaspand, Gholamreza Laali, and Amir Pirhadi are resting next to each other in plot 106 of Behesht Zahra.

And my little sister Leila Madain was born in April 1350. Because of curiosity and family circumstances, Leila and I used to go to Behesht Zahra and Khavaran regularly with the family. The forces of executioners and killers have spread a net in Behesht Zahra and Khavaran, and they consider the young people as deception and promise that they will be expelled from Iran. Many people fell into this trap because of simplicity and childishness. My sister Leila Madain and Zahra Niyakan were together and we have not heard from them since 1367 until now.

Zahra Nyakan’s brother Hossein Nyakan was shot in 1367.

Hossein and Zahra Nyakan’s uncle, named Heydar Nyakan, was killed in Timi’s house in 1360.

Azam Niyakan was also in prison, he came on leave for ovarian treatment and did not return to prison, he joined Mujahideen.

Of course, our story and grief is very long. 4 of my children’s uncles were also shot in the sixties.

Farah Madain

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