Fatemeh Dezfulyan, the mother of Abbas Salimi, is seeking justice for her son.

Abbas Salimi, son of Alireza, with birth certificate number 913, was born on February 19, 1958, in Kermanshah. Abbas was studying accounting at Tehran University. In 1983, Abbas was arrested in Kermanshah for supporting a leftist party (Razmandegan). Abbas was sentenced to seven years during an unfair and secret trial. As the Iran_Iraq war progressed and the dangerous situation in the city, all Diesel Abad, Kermanshah prisoners were transferred to Evin Prison and then to Gohar Dasht Prison in Karaj. According to the document given to his family by the prison administration at the family’s insistence, Abbas was executed on September 1, 1988, and was buried in an unknown place.

Abbas Salimi
Fatemeh Dezfulian and Her Son

Fatemeh Dezfulyan

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