Shahin is the director of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, and his father, Kambiz Sadeghzadeh Milani, is one of the victims of the Islamic Regime of Iran.

Kambiz Sadeghzadeh Milani was a doctor and a member of the National Baha’i Society of Iran. He was married and had two children. Kambiz, who graduated from Tehran University Medical School, returned to Iran from America after specializing in psychiatry to serve his people. He was kidnapped on July 31, 1980, along with eight other members of the National Baha’i Society and two other people from the Baha’i community. There is no information about the fate of these 11 people. Their families tried hard to get any news about their loved ones, but no traces of these forced disappearances were ever found. Kambiz Sadeghzadeh Milani is one of the 206 people whose names were published in the 1999 report of the Baha’i community, which includes a list of Baha’is who were killed in Iran since the 1979 Revolution. 

The Baha’i religious minority was attacked and killed from the very beginning of the establishment of the Islamic Republic. Even Baha’i children were among the dead in the last forty-three years.

Shahin Sadeghzadeh Milani

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