Ramtin Fatehi, a political activist and nursing student, immigrated to Germany in 2016 due to threats and harassment of himself and his family by the Islamic Republic and pursued his studies in Germany.

His father, Ramin Fatehi, was repeatedly threatened and interrogated by agents of the Sanandaj Intelligence Department in recent years.

Mr. Ramin Fatehi did not remain silent against the brutal murder of Gina Amini from the very beginning of the revolution of the life of freedom in 1401 along with other Iranians. He was kidnapped in Sanandaj by mercenaries of the intelligence department. After eight days of not knowing and depriving the family of the right to have a lawyer on October 29th, one of his relatives was contacted by Dezhkhaiman. The callers asked the family of Mr. Ramin Fatehi to go to the Information Department to identify his face. The agents of the regime killed Mr. Ramin Fatehi under the most brutal tortures and did not even hand over his bloody body to his family and buried his body at night without the presence of family members.

One day after killing Mr. Ramin Fatehi, his sister and brother named Rada and Varia Fatehi were arrested in their house without any warrant and after a month of physical and mental torture, they were released on a very heavy bail.

Ramtin Fatehi

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