I am Mohammad Mehdi (Reza) Shahbazi Fard, brother of Amina Shahbazi Fard, one of the deceased in November 2018.

I am my sister’s petitioner. A 32-year-old sister who went to the pharmacy to buy medicine for her 3-year-old daughter on November 27, 2018, and on her way back home, she noticed a young man who was shot in the leg. My sister goes to help this young man and tries to cover the bleeding place of that young man with her shawl, when regime henchmen shoot a bullet in my sister’s neck and kill an innocent woman and mother of three self-sacrificing children.

After killing my sister, Amina’s lifeless body was transferred to Behesht Zahra, but they did not hand over the body to the family. Because the killers had ordered not to hand over the shot dead bodies to the families. Finally, by paying 4.5 million Tomans to the agents of the regime, Amina’s body was handed over to the family.

Mohammad-Mehdi (Reza) Shahbazi Fard

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