I am Roya Piraei, daughter of Mino Majidi, one of the deceased in Shahrivar 1401.
My mother, Mino Majidi, three days after the killing of Gina (Mehsa) Amini, she joined the protests in response to this crime. My mother was a freedom-loving and compassionate person. From the last conversation she had with my father, this sentence was remembered: If we don’t go (protest), then who will go?

She went and on the way of her belief, she was shot from behind by the special guards of the Islamic Republic and died before reaching the hospital.
I cut and shaved my hair as a sign of protest and to convey a message in this direction. On the seventh day, I stood at his grave with the cut hair in my hand and took a photo that had a lot of impact. Because of this, like all those who lost a loved one to the hands of the Islamic Republic, I was on a path to sue and demand rights and tell the truth.

Roya Piraei

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