When Reza was 7 years old, his 18 year-old brother who was fighting for equality and freedom for all Iranians, was arrested, tortured, and executed in 1982 by the Islamic Republic of Iran after only a few months from his initial arrest. The incident devastated the entire family and for years, Reza remembers nothing but tears, mournings, and fear!

However, Reza and his family, regardless of the painful loss and the hardships that they experienced for many years, always stood up for what is right! They always fought for justice, fought against poverty, fought to keep the values alive and fought so everyone realizes that there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

He immigrated to the USA in 1996 and currently works as a product deployment manager. He is very active within the Persian communities and has coordinated and held several large events from charity concerts to political rallies, representing the voices of many Iranian-Americans.

Reza is no longer only advocating for his own brother! Reza is now seeking justice for all the innocent people murdered by the Islamic Regime. He is seeking justice for 176 souls that were on board of the flight PS752, he is seeking justice for those who were mercilessly gunned down while exercising their fundamental right of freedom of speech. He is seeking justice for millions who cannot simply provide for their family and children, given corruption, authoritarianism, and discrimination.

Reza Tajaliawal

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